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Protecting customer data and assets


Financial institutions are prime targets for cybercriminals. In fact, they’re 300 times more likely to be a target than any other type of organization. And for years, finance (alongside insurance) held the top spot as the “most attacked industry,” according to IBM, until they were toppled by manufacturing in 2022.

What Makes Financial Institutions So Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Unsurprisingly, people really like money, and the main purpose of financial institutions is to hold, acquire, and protect financial assets. But pulling off a digital bank heist provides even more than a pile of money — it also provides cybercriminals access to valuable customer information they can sell on the black market for even more money.

Even worse, these institutions charged with protecting highly valuable customer data and assets often rely on legacy software riddled with vulnerabilities. Because these financial systems hold years’ worth of financial data, organizations don’t upgrade them often.

Protect Your Customer Data and Assets with CodeHunter

Having CodeHunter always running in the background can help financial institutions identify advanced threats, such as zero-day attacks. With deep visibility into your networks, you can see where your true vulnerabilities are and keep your customers' data and assets safe.


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