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Discover and analyze threats at scale.

The Problem

Manual malware detection and analysis methods are tedious and time-consuming — even for the most experienced security specialists. Existing cybersecurity tools lack both the automation and in-depth analytic capabilities that organizations need to keep up with the threat of modern malware.

Security teams need an enterprise-grade solution that can help them identify and prioritize threats at scale.

The Solution

CodeHunter empowers security teams by amplifying their threat detection and analysis capabilities.

  • Run threat analysis more quickly and with greater detail than through manual methods alone
  • Scan for vulnerabilities in executables without ever executing a program — no need for sandboxes.
  • Map actionable analysis results to industry standards and flag threats by level of potential impact.
  • Reverse engineer entire enterprise systems and applications with an automated threat-hunting solution.
  • Empower the IT team to conduct expert-level threat analysis before threats can do damage.

CodeHunter Features Used in Case Study

Evaluate Threats

Evaluate threats without sandboxes or source code

Get ahead of advanced attacks by identifying potentially malicious behaviors in executable code — without dynamic analysis or executing the program.

Automate Threat

Automate threat analysis and disassembly

Reduce time to discovery and human error by automating the process of threat detection and analysis.

 Empower your cybersecurity team

Empower your cybersecurity team

Give your entire cybersecurity team the ability to rapidly identify otherwise undiscoverable and unknown malware.

CodeHunter — Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Today

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detection and analysis by applying for CodeHunter’s pilot program.

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