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Don’t let compliance issues take your
whole organization down.

The Problem

Maintaining confidentiality with accuracy and integrity is critical for cybersecurity compliance. But the constantly evolving threatscape means new risks are created every day. And qualified, experienced professionals are in short supply.

Remote work has created an explosion of endpoints for both government and commercial sectors, generating even more risk factors. Pair that with rapid changes in compliance requirements due to new regulations, and it can feel impossible to keep up with your own data security standards.

The Solution

CodeHunter automatically detects potentially malicious behavior within executable files before they execute — including known malware and unknown threats.

  • Automate defenses to reduce cyber risk from internal and external threats.
  • Scan entire enterprise networks accurately with a proactive threat detection and analysis platform.
  • Maintain safety and compliance in cloud networks with automated scanning.
  • Reduce incident response time from days to hours — or even minutes.

CodeHunter Features
Used in Case Study

Maintain compliance for your organization

Maintain compliance for your organization

Protect your organizational and client data with a proactive, cutting-edge cybersecurity system.

Upskill your cybersecurity team

Upskill your cybersecurity team

Empower your team with a powerful reverse engineering platform backed by cybersecurity experts.

Access accurate

Access accurate, proactive data

Use in-depth reporting and impact measurements to support cybersecurity initiatives and provide data integrity with confidence.

CodeHunter — Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Today

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