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Get ahead of cybercriminals and find
security vulnerabilities you didn't know
existed. We make it easy.
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Nothing is Off-Limits in
Today’s Cyber Bank Heists

Financial services organizations are tantalizing targets for cyberattacks. Today’s Bonnies and Clydes are going after more than just cash. Social security numbers, credit card accounts, and sensitive financial data are all up for grabs in the wake of a data breach — and your dad’s tried-and-true cybersecurity solutions aren’t cutting it.

Cyber Bank Heists

Adapt to the New Cyber
Threat Landscape

Without a proactive solution to quickly identify and defend against both known malware and new threats, insurers, banks, and other financial institutions might as well leave their vault doors hanging open.

New Cyber Threat Landscape

Don’t Become Another

CodeHunter is the world’s only proactive cybersecurity solution. We empower your organization to identify undiscovered malware and unknown vulnerabilities before damage is done. Our patented software automates the analysis of executable software at scale, reducing risk and mitigating damage from new threats.

Another Statistic

Access Tomorrow's
Cybersecurity Today

Our enterprise solution is now available as a pilot program to qualified organizations. Apply today to secure your enterprise against unprecedented threats and unknown vulnerabilities.