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Keep up with tomorrow’s threats

The Problem

As your organization’s Chief Information Security Officer, you already know the best cybersecurity defense is threat prevention. But it’s increasingly difficult to design an information security system that counters every new and innovative ransomware or supply chain attack.

The modern cyberscape stretches our tried-and-true defenses thin. Every digital asset gives threat actors a new target, remote work comes with security gaps and endpoint security threats, and a lack of threat intelligence leaves too much to chance.

The Solution

CodeHunter detects potentially malicious behavior within executable files before they execute — including known malware and unknown threats.

  • Identify threats proactively to prevent or mitigate damage
  • Minimize human error and risk with automated, expert-level reverse engineering.
  • Optimize your cybersecurity budget (CapEx and OpEx) by automating threat detection and analysis.
  • Receive alerts for potentially malicious behaviors as soon as they’re detected.
  • Improve disaster recovery with detailed malware impact reports.

CodeHunter Features
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Improve Proactive

Improve proactive response time

Stay ahead of new and advanced malware threats by identifying potentially malicious files before they activate.

Analyis Detailed

Analyze detailed findings and threat impact

Understand the security risk of individual executable files and the impact compromised files could have on your organization.

Automate Directory

Automate directory, repository, and cloud storage scans

Analyze data at the enterprise level to reduce time to discovery from days to hours — or even minutes.

CodeHunter — Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Today

Learn how CodeHunter can help your organization automate threat
detection and analysis by applying for CodeHunter’s pilot program.

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