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Detect and analyze threats with
unparalleled speed and accuracy.

The Problem

Managing your organization’s cyber defenses is no small feat — especially considering how rapidly cyber threats evolve. Even the most skilled security teams are struggling to keep up with the rate at which more advanced and sophisticated attacks are being uncovered. Traditional risk analysis and security operations are failing to outpace the creation of new and more damaging malware.

With so many systems and vulnerabilities to oversee, SOC analysts of any tier can quickly lose track of and overlook potential threats to their organization.

The Solution

CodeHunter empowers security teams by amplifying their threat detection and analysis capabilities.

  • Identify both known malware and potentially dangerous code more quickly — without the need for source code, sandboxes, or signatures.
  • Improve incident response time with automated, proactive scans and detailed threat reports.
  • Use actionable reports to prioritize potential threats that require immediate attention.
  • Integrate CodeHunter with your SIEM solution for a centralized view of potential threats to your organization.

CodeHunter Features Used in Case Study

Reduce incident response time

Reduce incident response time

Slow manual processes are a thing of the past. CodeHunter’s patented technology reduces time to discovery from days, weeks, or even months to hours.

Simplify security operations

Simplify security operations

Empower your security team with an automated reverse-engineering process that can identify and analyze behavior without the need for source code, sandboxes, or signatures.

Prioritize threat response

Prioritize threat response

Respond to potential threats and cybersecurity incidents using detailed reports that identify key areas of risk.

CodeHunter — Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Today

Learn how CodeHunter can help your organization automate threat detection and analysis by applying for CodeHunter’s pilot program.