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Increase the security of new and legacy internal applications with an automated cybersecurity analysis system  — without slowing down your workflow.

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Automate Hidden Vulnerability Detection in New and Legacy Code

The Problem

Many custom applications contain extremely dangerous code that, when triggered, could cause major damage to your organization.

Finding malicious code in applications under development can be difficult. Finding it in legacy applications can be almost impossible. But DevSecOps teams need to locate that code before it damages their organizations.

The Solution

CodeHunter helps secure internally developed applications before they go into production.


Find potentially malicious code in record time.

Support SDLC and infrastructure security with automated file analysis.

Integrate with SIEM and enterprise dashboards and cloud storage solutions like AWS  and Azure.


Connect with backup systems, SDLC, and your software supply chain with API integrations.


CodeHunter Features Used in Case Study

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Reduce dependency on manual analysis

Automate in-depth analysis of potentially damaging software behaviour and processes. 


Protect your organization

Ensure the security of legacy applications with Automated behavior analysis.


Identify threats before deployment

Proactively find potentially malicious behaviors in code to reduce potential damage.

CodeHunter — Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Today

Learn how CodeHunter can help your organization automate threat detection and analysis by applying for CodeHunter’s pilot program.
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