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Protecting citizens and national security


Cybersecurity is “one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation.”

That’s not the team here at CodeHunter trying to scare you. Those are the words of the Executive Branch over a decade ago.

The cyberscape has changed drastically since then. Multiple presidential administrations have recognized how serious the national cybersecurity situation is. In 2017, the Trump administration passed Executive Order 30018 to modernize federal IT infrastructure, better secure critical infrastructure, and collaborate with allies. And in March 2022, President Biden issued a statement recognizing the dangers international cyber warfare posed to the U.S.

So while cybersecurity might seem like an abstract concept to many citizens, we at CodeHunter know that implementing stronger cybersecurity measures is a national priority. 

CodeHunter’s CTO Knows Federal Cybersecurity

CodeHunter’s concern for our nation’s cybersecurity stems from our combined experience in the federal cybersecurity sphere.

Chris O’Ferrell, CodeHunter’s CTO, is a U.S. Army veteran with over 30 years of cybersecurity experience. During his time in the industry, he has worked for a variety of agencies — on bureaus, black projects, counterintelligence, intelligence work, counterterrorism — all related to cybersecurity.

Based on his experiences working with the U.S. government, he has always stressed that solving cybersecurity problems will not only save networks, but will ultimately save lives.

Protect Agencies, Infrastructure, and Citizens with CodeHunter

As our nation faces constant attacks on critical infrastructure and public institutions, CodeHunter understands those federal agencies need a proactive solution based on a zero-trust framework to keep up.

Protecting federal systems is more than preventing cyberattacks and hacking. It’s a matter of preserving national security. Learn how CodeHunter can help federal agencies protect our nation and its citizens.


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