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Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

Manage technical, regulatory, and competitive risk by guarding against the threat of malware and cyberattacks.

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More effective cybersecurity can prevent some of the biggest risks to your organization.

The Problem

Enterprise computing comes with inherent business risk — and there’s plenty of it to go around. A data breach can be devastating for your organization’s operations, but it’s also damaging to your data, reputation, and stability.

Given the automation of almost all critical infrastructure, CROs are already stretched thin. With recent increases in remote work environments, outsourcing, and highly destructive cyberattacks (e.g., ransomware), the role of CRO is only getting more difficult.

The Solution

CodeHunter detects potentially malicious behavior within executable files — including known malware and unknown threats. 


Proactively address risks while minimizing potential damage.

Leverage automation to help meet regulatory requirements with minimal organizational support.

Obtain clear reports detailing potential levels of impact. 

Reduce human risk with an automated platform.


CodeHunter Features Used in Case Study

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Improve enterprise protection

Automate the identification and analysis of everything on your network, from individual files to network drives and cloud storage buckets.

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Manage risk

Automate the work of an experienced team of malware reverse engineers at scale — so you can focus on other business risks.

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Prevent breaches and mitigate risk

Predict malicious behavior — instead of waiting for malware to attack. 

CodeHunter — Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Today

Learn how CodeHunter can help your organization automate threat detection and analysis by applying for CodeHunter’s pilot program.
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