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Our nation faces constant attacks on critical infrastructure and public institutions, and federal agencies need a proactive solution based on a zero-trust framework to keep up. Protecting federal systems is more than preventing cyberattacks and hacking; it’s a matter of preserving national security.


Developed with National Security in Mind by Top Cybersecurity Experts

CodeHunter | Federal | Department of Energy
CodeHunter | Federal | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
CodeHunter | Federal | Department of Homeland Security Transition to Practice Program

Cyberattacks are growing more sophisticated than ever — but now you can outflank cyberattacks before they take place.


Our Developers Know
The Federal Landscape

Our engineering team — including our own Chief Technology Officer — has decades of collective experience in federal cybersecurity. CodeHunter’s innovative approach to automation and reverse-engineering defends against cyberattacks coming from all threat vectors.

CodeHunter | Federal | Our Developers Know The Federal Landscape
CodeHunter | Blog | Secure U.S. Defense and Intelligence Assets

Secure U.S. Defense and
Intelligence Assets

State-sponsored actors strike federal government institutions daily. CodeHunter identifies undiscovered malware and unknown vulnerabilities by analyzing behaviors in executable code to help prevent national assets from becoming compromised.


Federal Agencies Are a Large, Interconnected Target

Adversaries can access strategic national security information and intellectual property on advanced technologies from many of its interconnected sectors and branches — so an attacker doesn’t need to hit the bullseye to do serious damage on critical systems.

CodeHunter | Federal | Federal Agencies Are a Large, Interconnected Target

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Access Tomorrow's Cybersecurity Today

Our enterprise solution is now available as a pilot program to qualified organizations. Apply today to secure your enterprise against unprecedented threats and unknown vulnerabilities. 

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