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With CodeHunter, healthcare
organizations finally have visibility
across their entire environment
, so they
know if they’re truly safe — or if they’re
facing unknown threats.

Healthcare is Under

Threat actors are infiltrating healthcare networks across the U.S. in record numbers, profiting from internal chaos and wreaking havoc on overtaxed systems. Until these cyberattacks let up — which might happen when the internet collapses in on itself — these threats aren’t going away, and neither will the risks to patients’ lives.

Under Attack

Protect Your Systems and
Your Patients

Traditional cybersecurity solutions are limited by their ability to only recognize known malware, leaving organizations vulnerable. Without a proactive solution that can quickly identify both known malware and new threats, hospitals and healthcare organizations put their systems and their patients at risk.

Your Patients

Reactive is Too Late

We protect your hospital or healthcare organization from internal and external cyber threats by discovering security vulnerabilities, compromised systems, and unreported malware before a cyberattack occurs. Our patented software adds an essential layer of protection to your security stack, effectively reducing risk and mitigating damage from new threats.

Too Late

Access Tomorrow's
Cybersecurity Today

Our enterprise solution is now available as a pilot program to qualified organizations. Apply today to secure your enterprise against unprecedented threats and unknown vulnerabilities.