It’s Time to Use More Sophisticated Malware Detection Software

From CodeHunter’s Chief Information Security Officer Fawaz Rasheed

Moving away from tradition

Hard truth: It's no longer safe to rely on traditional cybersecurity systems.

Technology is constantly changing — and bad actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated. To have more robust protection, cybersecurity systems have to evolve to keep up with modern standards of defense.

CodeHunter’s innovative technology scans code for known and unknown vulnerabilities on a simple, frictionless platform. Our software is proactive in a reactive world, which means you and your organization are always one step ahead — saving time, money, and providing peace of mind for your clients, stakeholders, and Information Security teams.

Rising concerns in cybersecurity

It’s no secret that there’s a direct correlation between malware obfuscation and its successful proliferation: If you can’t see it, you can’t stop it. Early detection and immediate prevention is clutch, especially when you consider the rapid increase of cyber attacks worldwide. According to a recent statistical study conducted by Comparitech, 92.45 million new malware samples were detected as of June 2021, pointing toward the possibility of a new high.

What’s more, according to, the total malware count is up to over 1.2 billion.

If any of these samples — new or old — found a gap in your security because of traditional risk analysis methods, your infrastructure, and all those who depend on it, would be at risk.

The results could be catastrophic, not to mention costly.

What’s not working: fake signatures and lackluster defense

Many companies use a signature-based detection approach, a traditional means of malware hunting that allows them to only capture documented and registered patterns of attack. This technique catches what it can, but it certainly doesn’t catch everything.

Attackers aren’t inept: they have access to signature-based malware detection tools and emulators (just like the good guys do) for identifying their newly developed malware. If it gets flagged, then they keep tweaking their malcode until it goes undetected. Malicious code can then function as an unknown threat, slipping through the cracks of signature-based cybersecurity defenses.

There are better options!

Heuristic analysis software inspects the behavior of code to identify activities that may be malicious or inconsistent with the application’s design or function. For example, if a calculator application is making function calls to the user’s contacts database, that inconsistent behavior is flagged, something a signature-based defense wouldn’t catch.

The future of malware hunting

The days of hoping for real-time detection are over. In the next chapter of the 21st century, you will detect malware at a binary code level before and without the code being executed in your environment. Simply put, you can scan your applications and find out if malcode is hiding inside. What’s more, you’ll know exactly where to go within your code to remove or remediate it.

The key to pulling this off is the ability to reverse engineer malware at scale and speed. This is where software like CodeHunter, which quickly and easily decompiles high-level programming language into binary code and then conducts malware analysis in minutes and even seconds, applies sophisticated technology in place of human effort.

We’d love to help you sleep a little better at night. Know the unknowns — and see the benefit of decompiling and analyzing your code for malware firsthand — with CodeHunter!

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Be the first to join the hunt!

Leave us your email and you'll be among the first to gain access to CodeHunter, the worlds first automated malware hunting platform. Be part of cybersecurity history!