CodeHunter Pro Version 1.5 — Enhanced Features Drive Even Better Results

Check out the newest features and enhancements in Version 1.5

CodeHunter Pro Version 1.5 is now live. Here’s what’s new:

  • Prioritized file processing.

  • Parallel processing drives significant performance improvements.

  • Enhanced user interface.

  • Expanded Behavior library.

  • Improved memory utilization.

  • Streamlined registration process.

  • Support for registration with both corporate and personal email addresses.

  • Help system includes file specific information when a file fails to process.

  • Intermediate JSON files use human readable object format.

  • Support pages, chatbot, and license allowances have all been updated.

Experience the world’s only proactive malware hunting platform.

Learn More: How CodeHunter Pro Works

CodeHunter Pro offers an enhanced automated reverse engineering experience — making it easier for your team to discover hidden malware. The easy-to-use interface empowers engineers, developers, security analysts, and I.T. specialists to quickly and easily detect all variations of malware — known and unknown — without executing the program.

CodeHunter Pro allows you to drag and drop files for fast review. Simply upload and analyze any WIN32/64 executable file.

CodeHunter automatically delivers a set of concise, actionable results.

Drill down into the specifics of application code behavior into signatures matched, unknown behavior, the MITRE ATT&CK® Matrix, and MAEC™.

CodeHunter Confirmed

CodeHunter Pro automates the process of identifying which of your files contain potential threats. Know whether suspicious behavior is present within an executable, without ever executing the program.

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