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CodeHunter Enterprise Pilot Program

Find security vulnerabilities you didn't know you had.


Apply today to participate in the CodeHunter Enterprise Pilot Program. Over the next couple of months, and at no cost, your organization will have the opportunity to gain early access to groundbreaking technology helping secure your enterprise against unprecedented threats and unknown vulnerabilities.

What are your primary cybersecurity challenges?

Limited Openings for Qualified Organizations

To qualify for our Pilot Program, you must be an enterprise  organization with an existing cybersecurity infrastructure and staff. You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with the CodeHunter team throughout the duration of the program.  

Gain Unparalleled Visibility Into Your Threat Environment

CodeHunter Enterprise will empower your organization to identify undiscovered malware and unknown vulnerabilities hidden deep in your network. Our cloud based solution automates the analysis of  executable software at scale.



We'll work together to understand your organization’s network environment.



We’ll collaborate with your team to configure CodeHunter’s cloud based platform, customized for your environment.



You’ll gain unprecedented visibility into your cybersecurity — and influence the final functionality of groundbreaking new technology.



Our team will provide ongoing technical support and gather feedback regarding enhancements and improvements.



How will CodeHunter Enterprise integrate with my existing environment?
Designed to quickly and easily integrate into existing infrastructure, automating file feeds, and generating actionable results, CodeHunter Enterprise highlights specific lines of problematic code and maps code behaviors to multiple industry standards, including the MITRE ATT&CK® Matrix and MAEC™.


How does it work? 

CodeHunter Enterprise processes 32/64-bit Windows executable files. Files can be ingested automatically, manually, or programmatically via feeds from other systems. 

When can I learn more about this product, including pricing, broad release, etc.? 

 Further details are available. Contact us to schedule a conversation to learn more. 


What benefit will participant organizations receive? 

As a member of a select group of industry visionaries, you will have access to ground breaking technology and influence the future of the cybersecurity industry.

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