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Protecting patients — and their data


The healthcare industry is faced with a vast set of challenges when it comes to information security.

More than most critical industries, healthcare is a hotbed for valuable, exploitable data, including protected health information, credit card information, personally identifiable information (PII), and intellectual property.

CodeHunter enables healthcare organizations to keep critical systems running by proactively identifying cyber threats.

Cyberattacks in Healthcare Mean More Than Lost Information

Taking advantage of internal chaos and over-taxed systems, cyberattacks against healthcare organizations have reached an all-time high. In 2021 alone, 45 million people were impacted by healthcare cybersecurity breaches, with the average cost of a data breach skyrocketing to over $7 million.

The trouble doesn’t stop when cybercriminals break into a healthcare system’s information vault. After a healthcare data breach, 50% of victims suffer medical identity theft. That high ratio makes sense when you consider that stolen health information is even more valuable than financial data — 20 to 50 times more valuable on the black market, in fact.

Over and above financial costs for organizations and individuals, healthcare cyberattacks can come at the cost of human life. Healthcare is a prime target for ransomware attacks, where cybercriminals encrypt patient data and hold it for a ransom. That can mean that a doctor caring for a patient in critical condition has no access to their patient’s records. Lack of access to records mean doctors are unable to provide care, which can result — and have resulted — in patients’ deaths.

Protect Patients (and Their Data) With CodeHunter

With CodeHunter running in the background, healthcare companies can rest assured that their network is safe from hackers. Patients can take care of their health without worrying about their personal identifiable information (PII) being stolen. And cybercriminals can toss and turn knowing that every day, the team at CodeHunter is developing and improving a new threat to malware.


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