Data Security

Protecting your organization’s data is our business. Using industry-leading security measures, our platform is designed to keep your information safe. We regularly perform risk assessments, third-party penetration testing, and vulnerability evaluations on our platform, software, and applications — because what you don’t know will hurt you.

CodeHunter | Data Security
CodeHunter | Data Security

How We Protect Your Data

CodeHunter | Data Security | Cloud Security
Cloud Security

We process and store your data on Amazon AWS, a cloud-based environment developed using best-practices in secure, cloud-native microservices that aligns with industry standard encryption and NIST CSF.

CodeHunter | Data Security | Secure Architecture
Secure Architecture

Our cloud has data resiliency and redundancy, plus key management, encryption, logging, and more.

CodeHunter | Data Security | SSDLC

Our developers adhere to the Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC) process and test code for vulnerabilities, malware, unnecessary function calls, and more.

CodeHunter | Data Secuirty | Data Encryption
Data Encryption

Corporate email addresses, mobile numbers, and all other user data are encrypted (AES256) with SSL certs and TL for extra security, and stored in the cloud.

CodeHunter | Data Security | Data Segregation
Data Segregation

We use strong isolation boundaries for logical, secured segregation, so nobody can view your data from their virtual tenant.

CodeHunter | Data Secuirty | Logging and Monitoring
Logging and Monitoring

We monitor (24/7) and log our secure cloud environment for anomalies and security events, providing an extra set of eyes on your data.

CodeHunter | Data Secuirty | Access Controls
Access Controls

To validate and protect user identity around access control, we use a multi-factor authentication and a registration process with unique identifiers. We maintain secure access to your data through identity and access management groups, roles, policies, and permissions.

CodeHunter | Data Secuirty | Third Party Validations
Third Party Validations

We regularly run third-party penetration testing and risk assessments on our platforms, systems, and applications.

We don’t collect any personal information about users, like social security numbers. The information we do collect, like corporate email addresses, is kept in a segregated and encrypted cloud environment with strict access controls.

Data Privacy
CodeHunter | Data Security | Data Privacy
CodeHunter | Data Secuirty | Vulnerability & Patch Management
Vulnerability & Patch Management

We regularly scan for vulnerabilities, and implement patches on systems and platforms.