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Hunt Malware with CodeHunter

The Worlds first malware hunting SaaS platform designed to detect all variations of malware, Known and unknown, without the need for source-code or signatures.

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The CodeHunter Methodology: Identifying Malware Quickly

Finding malware at any stage of the software supply chain means that your code moves to market safely.

CodeHunter relies on unique mathematical behavioral analysis to simplify your work. We make it easy to find hidden malware in minutes (not months like most everyone else). No source codes, signatures, or cybersecurity pros needed.

It's technology that penetration testers, application developers, DevOps, and DevSecOps need, and a platform that CIO/CISO's can depend on.

Making Malware Detection More Intuitive and Engaging
Mathematical behavioral analysis

Advanced math is the key difference between CodeHunter and everyone else. We use it to see if malicious malware is active inside your application without ever having to open the program. No signatures, no sandboxes. 

Application analysis

Mathematical behavioral analysis makes CodeHunter the best tool for identifying and finding malware in supply chain applications, legacy applications, M&A risk assessments, and much more.

Comprehensive malware discovery

Existing cybersecurity programs need a list of known malware to find it. CodeHunter doesn't. That means when malware pops up in new disguises, we’re ready to hunt it down.

Intuitive user interface

Not an experienced cybersecurity expert? Not a problem. Our user-friendly design means anyone can join the hunt. Plus, you can earn trophies and badges for fending off virtual villains, and to show off your cyber crime fighting skills.

Free, easy access

Begin finding malware immediately on our SaaS platform and value-based upgrades for individual and team-based (coming soon!) licenses.

Crazy fast malware identification

We’re talking lightning fast. Reduce the time (and risk) spent on manual malware analysis from months to minutes and hours.

CodeHunter Labs

Your malware experts on the inside.

Hunting malware is a critical function and sometimes it’s hidden so deeply in your applications, you need extra support to discover them. Take comfort in knowing that your code is the right hands! Whether it’s viruses, keyloggers, worms, ransomware or anything else, CodeHunter Labs will take an in-depth look and respond with any suspicious findings.

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Each plan fits your malware hunting needs.


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Get started hunting malware. Choose the right plan for you.

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Leave us your email and you'll be among the first to gain access to CodeHunter, the worlds first automated malware hunting platform. Be part of cybersecurity history!

Be the first to join the hunt!

Leave us your email and you'll be among the first to gain access to CodeHunter, the worlds first automated malware hunting platform. Be part of cybersecurity history!


Making Malware Detection More Intuitive and Engaging

Discover Malware

CodeHunter does not require signatures of known malware in order to analyze software code behavior successfully. Using behavior analysis, it can even discover malware not previously known to exist.

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Hunting for malware can be fun!

While you're becoming a cybersecurity rockstar, show of your progress.

User-Friendly Design

CodeHunter’s user-friendly design enables anyone to perform malware hunting, no matter their level of experience — even those with absolutely no coding, cybersecurity, or investigative experience. Experts will enjoy the clean interface while still having the ability to dive into detailed findings at the reverse-engineering level.

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CodeHunter Labs

We sometimes need extra help from our lab team to analyze certain files. Send your file and the team will respond with findings once they're finished working their magic

No Time, No Problem

CodeHunter reduces the time required to analyze software code from months to minutes (depending on file size and complexity). The platform performs at lightning speed compared to manual analysis efforts. CodeHunter literally reduce analysis by weeks or months, saving you money and dramatically reducing your risk.

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