The world's first automated malware hunting platform.

Introducing the first malware hunting platform designed to detect all variations of malware, known and unknown, without the need for source code or signatures. Leave us your email and you’ll be the first to know about CodeHunter's launch. Be part of cybersecurity history!

Malware hunting. Simplified.

Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication at a time when qualified cybersecurity professionals are in short supply. CodeHunter solves this problem by offering a simple-to-use platform that addresses complex problems, empowering anyone to identify malware with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Whether you’re a cybersecurity expert or a novice, you can hunt and reverse-engineer malware.

Reduce Time to Discovery

Thanks to our automated platform, you can mitigate your exposure to malware by reducing human analysis time from weeks/months to minutes/hours.

Close the Skills Gap

Empower virtually anyone in your organization to successfully and quickly identify malicious behavior in software code using CodeHunter's advanced mathematical behavioral computation.

Address the Talent Shortage

Easily compensate for cybersecurity resource constraints by using CodeHunter to automate your malware hunting and reverse-engineering efforts.

Our secret sauce.

After years of research and development, we’ve taken the skills and experience of senior malware hunters and created a simple, easy-to-use tool that automates malware hunting. Depending on the complexity of the software code, it could take a human weeks to find hidden malware. Our behavioral computation engine is not only accurate, but it also reduces time to discovery down to seconds/minutes/hours, saving you time and money. For the first time in history, anyone — even novices — can identify malware as effectively as the cybersecurity pros, but in far less time!

Behavioral Computation

CodeHunter uses behavioral computation algorithms to mathematically analyze the behavior of software functions to determine whether there is malicious behavior executing inside the application, without ever executing the program. No signatures, no sandboxes.

Codehunter Uses

CodeHunter is ideal for analyzing supply chain, legacy and in-house developed applications, patch validation, common criteria certification (coming soon), forensic investigations, malware reverse engineering, M&A risk assessments, and more.

Discover Malware

CodeHunter does not require signatures of known malware in order to successfully analyze software code behavior and can even discover malware not previously known to exist.

User-Friendly Design

CodeHunter’s user-friendly design enables anyone to perform malware hunting, no matter their level of experience — even those with absolutely no coding, cybersecurity, or investigative experience.  Experts will enjoy the clean interface while still being able to dive into detailed findings at the reverse-engineering level.

Frictionless Access

CodeHunter allows users free, immediate value with frictionless access to perform malware hunting on your applications, with optional value-based upgrades to individual and team-based (coming soon) licenses.

No Time, No Problem

CodeHunter reduces the time it takes to analyze software code from months to minutes (depending on file size and complexity). CodeHunter performs at lightning speed compared to manual analysis efforts. We literally reduce analysis by weeks or months, saving you money and dramatically reducing your risk.


CISOs can protect their organization from malicious attacks with the easiest and fastest tool for hunting malware.

Info Technology

CIOs and IT leaders alike will enjoy peace of mind knowing their company's critical applications are protected from all variations of malware, even if they don’t have cyber experts on their team.

Governance, Risk & Compliance 

Provide validation that your company is on the right track and in compliance with your internal corporate policies, internal audit, and external regulatory requirements.  Minimize risk and avoid costly fines and legal expenditures. 

Create Cybersecurity

CodeHunter's automated malware hunting algorithm puts expert-level malicious code detection capabilities in the hands of anyone. For the first time in history, anyone can become instant malware hunting heroes, regardless of their level of expertise.

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