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The World’s Only
Proactive Malware
Hunting Platform

Discover malware that no other cybersecurity solution can. Our automated malware reverse engineering platform finds code that’s hiding and waiting to strike. 

CodeHunter | Home | The World’s Only Proactive Malware Hunting Platform

Tomorrow’s cybersecurity

In a world where cyber threats are more sophisticated, coordinated, and well-funded than ever, cybersecurity solutions have struggled to keep up. 

CodeHunter Pro finds malware and suspicious behaviors in executable files — without sandboxes, signatures, or source code.

CodeHunter | Home | Stay One Step Ahead

Stay One Step Ahead

Using a patented approach to automate behavior computation and binary analysis, CodeHunter Pro finds suspicious behavior within executable files — without running the program — and detects malware that might be hidden or lying dormant.

CodeHunter | Home | Stay One Step Ahead

Increase Response Time


Do the work of an experienced team of malware-reverse engineers at record speed. CodeHunter Pro reduces the discovery time of potential threats from days to minutes.

CodeHunter | Home | Upskill Your Workforce

Upskill Your Workforce

Increase productivity, optimize your IT team, and empower tech professionals to easily and efficiently access expert cybersecurity knowledge.

Automate Malware Detection

CodeHunter Pro empowers cybersecurity teams to find malware in executable files at record speed — because what you don't know will hurt you.

CodeHunter | Home | Automate Malware Detection
CodeHunter | Home | High-Speed Onboarding

High-Speed Onboarding

Enable your tech team to detect malware and start scanning files immediately. 

CodeHunter | Home | Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface

Drag and drop files for fast review. Upload and analyze any WIN32/64 executable files and automatically generate detailed reports.

CodeHunter | Home | Insight Into Code

Insight Into Code

Drill down into the specifics of application code behavior into signatures matched, unknown behavior, the MITRE ATT&CK® Matrix, and MAEC™. 

CodeHunter | Home | CodeHunter Confirmed

CodeHunter Confirmed

CodeHunter Pro confirms which of your files are truly clean — and which contain potential threats. Know whether suspicious behavior is present within an executable, without ever executing the program.

CodeHunter | Home | Proactively Assess Risk

Proactively Assess Risk

CodeHunter detects known and unknown malware through its patented approach to behavior computation and binary analysis. Zero-day attacks and sleeper code can't hide, even if obfuscated or scattered throughout software code.

CodeHunter | Home | Protect Your Assets

Protect Your Assets

100% of organizations are at risk — and the average data breach costs $4.2M. CodeHunter Pro reduces possible damage by quickly finding otherwise undiscoverable cybersecurity threats.

How Organizations Use CodeHunter

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Verify and secure software supply chains, legacy apps, security patches, and apps developed in-house for secure software build and release.

CodeHunter | Home | Text Block

Starting with CodeHunter Pro, CodeHunter protects organizations from the most advanced internal and external threats — including ransomware, zero-day attacks, and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

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Provide validation that your company complies with your corporate policies, internal audit, and external regulatory requirements. Minimize risk and avoid costly fines and legal expenditures. 

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Stay one step ahead with CodeHunter. 

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Experience the world’s only proactive malware hunting platform.